Airdome technology

General information 

The AIRDOME is located to the south of MGA and was constructed as an additional training hall, which is 6000m2 in area and includes Artistic Gymnastics, Acrobatic Gymnastic, Tumbling and Trampoline disciplines. It has all the necessary facilities for an athlete to train, such as changing rooms, showers, breakout rooms for etc.

AIRDOME stays elevated due to a minimal air pressure inside the dome. The layers of the fabric of which the hall consists of, are held up with air blown inside by ventilators. The increasing pressure causes the fabric to elevate and stretch right up to the point when a net made of steel cables holds it to its shape. The dome is made up of two layers of fabric, the shape of the main cover itself provides the boundaries for the inflation of the air dome. The pressure does not affect the athletes and it is insensible. It reaches about 250 kiloPaskal – 350 kiloPaskal (25-35 kg/m2), which is enough to resist the wind force and the weight of the snow. The pressure is automatically regulated to match the real-time weather conditions.

The heating and the pressure system provides constant even pressure in the hall as well as the circulation of air and a suitable temperature within the Airdome. The  air-flow travels through a heating aggregate, where it is warmed up, and then passed through a duct into the hall. Approximately 30 % of the air from the inside of the dome is sucked back into the ventilation unit where it is mixed with fresh air. The result is a constant circulation of warm air, ensuring the perfect and uniform heating of the hall. The control of the temperature and the pressure is, within the scope of set parameters, fully automatic. In case of any failure, such as power cuts, failure of the main ventilator or pressure drop, the system automatically activates an additional independent ventilator powered by backup diesel engine.

Anchoring system provides the base for the steel-rope net or the main cover connecting it to the ground.

AIRDOME is equipped with a set of doors, including four-wing revolving doors and several easy accessible emergency evacuation doors.  

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